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TIME: The greatest barrier to creating a regular Mindfulness practice.  We seek out mindfulness because of a longing for calm in the storm, and yet the waves keep crashing upon us, allowing little space to just be.

Phones beep and buzz, emails pop up, children are crying, work stacks up, and life can be overwhelming.  Instead of feeling guilt about not ‘squeezing in’ our practice, take a breath, a moment of self-compassion, and check out this great new APP: The One Moment Meditation.

This simple app can be set to go off at certain times, or can surprise you throughout the day. It distills mindfulness into a concise moment, 1 minute exactly, to ground and center before you walk in the door to greet loved ones, waiting in line or to speak with your boss, or in the few minutes before you settle into bed.

One of the reasons we might need mindfulness is to help us de-stress. Read our blog on what stress is and how to overcome it.